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Owe More Than Your Property Is Worth?
Are you behind in your mortgage payments?
Have you received a Notice of Default or Trustee Sale?
Are you having trouble paying bills?
Are you experiencing hardships that are affecting your credit?
Are you facing foreclosure, loss of income,
divorce or unexpected expenses?
Is your current loan getting ready to adjust? 
Or, has your loan already adjusted?
It is no secret (or surprise) that there are a lot of households in our area that are experiencing extreme hardships because of their current situation with their mortgage payment and/or the current value of their home.
Short Sale Defined: a short sale occurs when a home is sold and the sales proceeds to not fully pay off the loan or loans on the property and one or more lenders accept a discounted payoff and allow the sale to close escrow.
A short sale is not right for every situation.  In fact, there are other options to try to save your home from foreclosure.  Every situation is different, so it is very important that you know as much as possible about short sales, foreclosures, notices of default, credit ratings, forebearance agreements, lender communication and reputable professionals to advise you through these unfamiliar times.
As a real estate consultant, my job is to give you as much information as possible, in the areas of my expertise.  I do not claim to know everything, I help guide you to the right professionals depending on your situation. 
If you are facing financial difficulties and cannot make your mortgage payments, please call me for a confidential meeting.  I can qualify your situation to see if a short sale might be the right direction for your situation, or direct you to other professionals or possible ways to deal with your current lender.  Do not wait, the more time I have to negotiate and communicate with your lender(s) the better!
My consultaion is informative, confidential and free. 
Just call me for an appointment.  Or, on my web-site, click on "What is Your Home Worth?" and fill in the infomation about your home; feel free to give me any additional information in the "notes" area that will help me help you.
Tammy Lissner, Realtor
Short Sale Specialist
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